Wednesday / July 26 / 2017

Primary School Sports Day


Art Workshop




Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Raffles International School (RIS) website. We trust that the content and pictures give a sense of our delightful school. We welcome people of every nation. We are a multi-cultural school with students representing 96 nationalities and staff from more than 27 different countries. RIS national and cultural diversity is an exciting example of how, on a small scale, we are able to build a harmonious community.

RIS provides students a holistic, rigorous international education for success in an ever changing world. Students are offered a rich and diverse curriculum and the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and enjoyment across a wide range of activities. We prepare our students for the challenges of today and the possibilities of tomorrow, with an international outlook that is truly global in size and scope. We want to inspire and motivate responsible, engaged students who have respect for themselves and each other. 

Raffles International School (RIS) is committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning. At RIS, we strive to achieve a healthy balance of developing student’s knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of their education. Through high quality teaching, students are given access and challenged in a variety of subjects, programmes and initiatives across the key Phases. High quality teaching is differentiated for all students, providing individuals with opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. High quality teaching is delivered through effective and imaginative lesson planning, the sharing of deep subject knowledge and a range of assessment methodologies. RIS students are encouraged and expected to collaborate, innovate, interact and communicate effectively in all lessons, striving to achieve the highest of academic standards in all that they do. Through the use of enquiry, research and critical thinking skills alongside the meaningful integration of technology, RIS aims to promote independence and responsibility as part of high quality teaching and learning.

Through excellent teaching and learning and the constant reinforcement of our Core Values: Achievement, Collaboration, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility, we empower our students to achieve their goals and become responsible global citizens. We are a family school with over 1,800 boys and girls, aged 3 to 15, all finding their way on their exciting learning journey and superbly supported by dedicated teachers, staff, parents, PARIS and the wider school community.

I invite you to visit us and see how the warmth of the RIS community allows boys and girls to thrive within the classroom, in the creative and performing arts, in sport and games and within their friendships. You will see confident, happy children who are proud to show you their school.

I hope that you will come and see for yourself, this sense of community and what Raffles has to offer your son or daughter. Please contact us at any time to come in for an informal chat or to attend one of our Open House sessions.

I look forward to meeting you.